Pulmonary diseases

Why Lifelong use of Inhalers and  Suffering?


Try our online program for respiratory diseases and see changes in your life.

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Consult for Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD), Sarcoidosis, Restrictive lung diseases, Emphysema etc.

Benefits of this program:

  • Useful in all types of asthma: Effective in all types of chronic lung diseases. Effective asthma treatment.
  • Effective in complex and severe asthma: Our treatment based on Naturopathy is also effective in complex asthma.
  • Our medicine is completely harmless: our medicines have no side-effects. Our protocol cures the disease.
  • World’s Best Results: Why did America adopt our treatment? Americans adopted our asthma treatment.
  • The need for an inhaler can be reduced, in most cases, the inhaler gets complete relief.
  • This treatment improves life in Asthma, COPD, Sarcoidosis etc. The patient experiences better and helps in leading a longer life.
Pulmonary diseases

Solves Asthma

Our treatment works on basic defect in auto-immunity and this corrects all types of asthma, and need of inhaler is reduced.


Inhalers better alternatives.

Our treatment gives better result than inhalers and it corrects the basic defect in asthma that is auto-immunity.


Freedom from steroids

Since basic defects associated with asthma is corrected, you do not need stroids and thus protecting you kidneys and heart.

I was suffering from joint pain and asthma since long. But on consulting Dr. Raghavan at Purnia, Bihar I am feeling well. Now I rarely feel any joint pain and asthma.

Ellen Jacob USA

I am suffering from  chronic asthma and recently I got CKD chronic kidney disease due to stroid use. I got treatment from various places but once I visited Dr. Raghavan both my problems CKD and asthma resolved and now I am completely fine.

Reena Devi

Program for Asthma/COPD


Asthma/COPD management becomes quite easy by our program. Once you adopt our program, you can easily get rid of inhalers and steroids and your asthma and COPD is automatically controlled.

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