किडनी डायलिसिस से छुटकारा

मेटाबोलिक पद्धति द्वारा सीरम क्रिएटिनिन कम करें

किडनी ट्रांसप्लांट की अब जरूरत नहीं है।

विशेषज्ञों द्वारा प्रमाणित, साक्ष्य-आधारित प्रबंधन के लाभ

improves GFR

जीएफआर में सुधार करता है

हमारा उपचार गुर्दे की कार्यप्रणाली में सुधार करके जीएफआर में सुधार करता है


सीरम क्रिएटिनिन कम करने में सक्षम

मेटाबोलिक पद्धति द्वारा सीरम क्रिएटिनिन कम करें


डायलिसिस से मुक्ति

डायलिसिस की आवश्यकता कम हो जाती है और ज्यादातर मामलों में समाप्त हो जाती है।

kidney transplant

Better Result Than Kidney Transplant

We give better result than kidney transplant.

kidney patient

Improved quality of life 

You can experience Improved quality of life and Little to no dependence on others.

Hundreds of kidney patients got rid of dialysis.

Our doctors have vast experience in treating kidney diseases. Hundreds of people have benefited from his treatment and their kidney has improved so much that they can get rid of dialysis along with a better quality of life.

Watch the video and know how kidney failure happens and how it can be treated scientifically?

Kidney Failure Causes

Why dialysis is a failed method in kidney patient?

With the help of dialysis, the average life span in America is 3 years and in India the average life span is less than a year, whereas with our treatment, people in America live for years. Kidney failure can be stopped from progressing by our treatment.

Why kidney transplant a failed method?

Transplant failure rate in USA is 7% failure within 1 year, 17% failure within 3 years, 46% failure within 10 years, 20% re-transplantation rate.

Often, kidney failure patients think that they will lead a normal life by getting a transplant, but this often does not happen.

Moreover Transplant is done only for those people who are completely healthy, thus 99% of kidney patients are not eligible for transplant.

End Stage Kidney Disease Patient Testimonials:

Nothing is better than metabolic treatment in kidney failure. So start this treatment as soon as possible and experience the encouraging change in your life.

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